Tommy Hilfiger

I discovered Tommy Hilfiger after most people – but I remain a fan.

In my business, I work with many teens.  In ’96, the affluent ones wore Calvin Klein.  By ’97 or ’98, though, many wore Tommy.  His red, white and blue logo was small, yet prominent, on many items.

One theme of this blog is how I’m habitually a latecomer to many scenes.  I didn’t actually own any Tommy until sometime in the mid 00s – long after my students had mostly switched to other brands.  I’m sure I remember buying my Tommy pants off a wide table at Costco.  I have some of his socks as well.

In my world, Tommy was the last “solo” designer I saw people wear.  For years now, the teens have worn companies’ labels, but not peoples’ names.  It’s another example of how solo efforts are getting rare nowadays.

Hilfiger had a reality show – centered on designing clothes, of course – in 2005 called The Cut.  It was similar in format to Trump’s Apprentice – which I like very much.  However, Hilfiger’s might have been even better.  As I recall, Tommy put in less air time each episode than Donald does.  Tommy, like Donald, eliminated a contestant each week. Tommy’s cut line was “You’re out of style:  Take the catwalk.”  He had a grittier style than Donald, and talked less.  The Cut was, I think, a summer show.  I always hoped it would return.  To my knowledge, it never did – I’ve always wondered why not.

Tommy, you had your part in defining the late 90s for me.  I still see your clothes.  Will we be seeing you front and centre again?

Tommy Hilfiger


Wikipedia was a source for this article.

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