JavaScript & CSS


I haven’t forgotten about you!  I love your comments…keep them coming, please.

My last post I was talking about writing scripts into a wordpress page.  Well, I’ve found out how!  You use a plugin.  The one I use is called “Insert JavaScript & CSS”, version 0.2, by Ryan Nutt.  When you install it from the WordPress site and then activate it, you’ll see a little icon on the Upload/Insert line next to the musical notes.  You click that, then enter the script you want.  You can choose CSS or javascript.

Here’s a warning, though:  the javascript and CSS might not work on your preview, even if they’re correct.  For me, they seemed to work only after I had published the post:)

Click me to see javascript in action!

Look here when you click the button!
This text is blue because of css.

Coming Along:

Well, I’ve managed to install and test a theme. It was easier than I’d thought. Customizing it wasn’t as easy, but I’ve read how to do it. I’ll hopefully accomplish that today.

I’m wondering how you put scripts into a WordPress page – or if you’re meant to do that.

Be back soon!


Today: pages

Well,  yesterday I started looking into making new pages on WordPress. So far, it doesn’t look quite so easy as blogging here. I did get a page up, but couldn’t make use of css. I’ll have to learn the WordPress way to make them, I guess; I’ve always done them from scratch before.

As always:  any helpful comments or hints are appreciated.  Have a great day, and thanks for stopping by!


danger, danger….


I almost forgot my username (my pw is written down, but not my uname).  In a memory flash I remembered it.

Say, John:  I’ve been working on that rehab project.  It’s to the “trial trial run” stage.  If we set up WordPress on one of those domains, I can put it up.  I haven’t set up a page in WP yet, but I’ve read about how to get started.  Apparently it’s through admin (I’m looking around, but not seeing that so far).

When I set my first one up, you’ll be first to know!


Day Zero

Hello – I’m Jack.  Welcome to my blog!

Although I’m not new to blogging, I am new to WordPress.  I already like it.

As I navigate this new universe, I’ll share what I discover.  Similarly, if you have any tips for me about plugins or features or anything else, I’d love to hear them.

Have a great day.  Come back soon!