November 12: Update w/ Captain Haddock

Today, a drawing from Paul from years ago, as well as an update on yard work, etc.

I’m torn about this time of year.  My immediate thought is that I love it; on the other hand, the long periods without sun can plunge me into depression.  However, with the onset of the Christmas season, plus the warm fire on cold dark nights, late fall comes in a winner. It might be my favourite time of year, all in all.

Late fall is a fun time to do yard work, although you can’t do it every day.  Today, though, it’s 11°C, with a sprinkle now and then.  I gathered some more leaves, put out compost, and took down our hanging baskets.  They still have blooming flowers, but my wife wanted me to take them down because they look “scraggly.”  By the way:  we still have fresh flowers on our outdoor fuchsias.

Any university student knows how much work November demands.  It’s a time of transformation; by the end of it, the student realizes he/she has been changed by the courses.

For the non-students, November might well be a time of reflection.  After all, the business of Christmas can entirely consume December, when you consider the decorating, the parties, and the shopping.  For many, November offers the last chance to reflect on the year before it’s gone.

Whatever your feelings about November, we’re in it now:)  Thanks for stopping by.  I leave you with this drawing by Paul, which he made I don’t remember when.  It’s of Captain Haddock, from the Tin Tin series.

Captain Haddock from Tin Tin

Paul’s Halloween Drawing

My older son, Paul, has always been artistic.  Luckily, he’s interested in drawing – sometimes.

From age two, Paul’s shown he’s a natural artist.  We were carving pumpkins, so we gave him a marker to draw a face on one.  He did so in about 90 seconds, then handed back the marker.  The curves he’d marked on the pumpkin looked like nothing to me.

“Paul, are you sure you’re happy with that?”

Even at two, Paul didn’t doubt himself; he nodded his head.  His answer was final.

I carved Paul’s pumpkin, then my wife put a candle in it.  We put it in a dark room.

Paul’s jack-o-lantern came to life.  With the light coming through, we realized that he’d drawn a face on an angle.  We hadn’t been able to discern the effect on the surface of the pumpkin, but with the candle shining through, we couldn’t miss it.  It’s not an effect I would be confident to try for.

I’m not talented; Paul is.  I always wonder where he’ll go with art.  Since the summer, he’s been drawing, now and then.

Details and that “finished look” are very important to Paul.  His mother is the same, while I’m so opposite.

Here’s a female vampire Paul drew last week.  Happy Halloween:)

Halloween Female Vampire Drawing