Clyde Weston fr. Days of Our Lives

It’s my delight to bring you another post.

Well, my younger son starts grade six tomorrow. For him, it’s a new, much bigger school. He’s excited. So is my older son, but he’s not new to the school, so he doesn’t start until Wednesday.

I spent the day straightening the yard and washing some outside parts of the house. It was another cool, cloudy day – we’ll take it after the hot, dry weeks earlier this summer. I didn’t do everything I’d hoped, but the day was productive.

Clyde Weston showed up on Days sometime in 2014, I’d guess. He’s a Southern gangster, very dangerous, but charming in his way. He’s with Kate. The other characters, for the most part, don’t like him. However, he brings a gritty freshness to the show.

It’s great to be posting again. Hopefully you’ll hear from me soon.

Here’s Clyde.

Clyde Weston from Days of Our Lives


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