Update feat. Teddy Atlas

I was in a boxing club for about 6 years.  While I was, I followed professional boxing. Teddy Atlas is a prominent commentator and trainer.

Hello.  Much has been happening lately.  Let me begin with what isn’t:  the weather isn’t changing.  We’ve been in summer temperatures (daily highs over 21°C) for over a week. Everyone is living like it’s summer.  Some kids are finding it pretty hard to concentrate at school.

I’ve weeded the lawn three times in as many weeks.  The last time there weren’t many left; the first two I took out hundreds. However, dandelions and similar weeds like the rain. They don’t need it as much as grass does, but they really slow down after a week without it.

My kids will rejoin judo in the fall, but for the summer they’re in swimming.  I see them less now, because swimming is more frequent.  However, they seem to be having a great time.

To today’s portrait:  Teddy Atlas.  Back in the late 90s and early 00s, I was in a boxing club. I watched professional boxing then. My favourite commentator was Teddy, who often worked alongside Joe Tessitore.

Teddy was usually more entertaining than the fight itself.  His charming New York inflection, his boxing gems, and his unquestionable love of the sport were all infectious. Now and then, he knew one of the fighters personally. When he liked them, he might give them tough questions:

“How come you’re so heavy?”

“Why didn’t you end it sooner?”

I think he is harder on fighters he likes.  That’s an old-world trait; I’m the same:)

Teddy Atlas helped me realize New York isn’t just a place; it’s also an ethnicity.  So many ethnicities have squared off in the street and rings of New York – as often for no money at all – that for many people, the New York accent is part of the sport.

Here’s Teddy Atlas.  If you’re a fighter, don’t let him catch you going back for seconds at dinner:)
Teddy Atlas
Wikipedia was a source for this article.

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