Dr. Watson

Elementary is one of the best shows going, in my opinion.

Sherlock Holmes has been done so many times – with many being very good – that I thought trying it again was ill-advised.  I’m delighted that the talented people at CBS proved me wrong.

Most TV shows I don’t like in the first place.  I didn’t plan to give Elementary a try. However, my wife started watching the show, so I couldn’t help but overhear it.

When Elementary started to get interesting, I’d search for reasons not to like it.  Why? As I’ve earlier mentioned, I get attached to the characters in shows I like.  When I find myself starting to like a show (which rarely happens), I try to remain aloof.  The last thing I need is someone else to worry about.

The character in Elementary that compelled me to give it a chance wasn’t Watson or Sherlock; rather, it was Captain Tobias (played by Aidan Quinn).  His cool, “old-school” persona, I reasoned, would give ballast to a very new way of seeing Holmes and Watson. That’s why I thought the show deserved a chance.

Like so many good shows, it’s gotten better as it’s progressed.  The Watson-Sherlock dynamic has matured, with Doctor Watson becoming Detective Watson.

Doctor Watson – played by the beautiful, but very understated Lucy Liu – starts out skeptical of Holmes.  After all, she is the Doctor assigned to oversee his recovery from addiction.  Gradually Holmes wins Watson over to his way of thinking.  He has her questioning the world as she knew it before.  Eventually she rejects her old world to join him.  However, she alone is seen as being sane; Holmes, though admittedly brilliant, is agreed by all their colleagues to have a loose grasp on reality.  Therefore, Watson and Holmes have a “Scully and Mulder” dimension.

My advice?  If you haven’t seen Elementary yet, watch it – and love it.  Here’s Dr. Watson.


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