Jun23: A portrait from James

This morning, out of the blue, James entered the kitchen with Hazel under his arm.  “I’m drawing Hazel,” he said, reaching for some paper.  “Let me get you a clean piece,” I said.  “It’ll scan better.”  Away we go.

I was excited when James brought Hazel – who is a stuffed koala, by the way – into the kitchen this morning to draw her.  Hazel was excited, too.

James’ drawings have considerably improved over the past couple of years.  His “new age” began last summer.  Not a technical drawer, James has the spirit of a true artist:  he draws his subjects to reflect his feelings toward them.

In our household, each stuffed animal is a distinct member of the family.  Hourly, daily, or weekly, the animals take turns being active or passive.

I love James’s drawing of Hazel. The lettering is a direction James assumed on his own. Seeing it, I told him how it increases the portrait’s meaning. Ironically, I have yet to learn to do so with my own portraits:)

Hazel, James's stuffed koala

Please drop by again soon:)

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