Jun29: Hippy

James doesn’t draw the next protrait until the current one is published.  Here’s Hippy.

Hippy has been with us since Paul was born, but was rediscovered about three years ago.  He’s quite a celebrity among our stuffed animals.  The very notion of a furry hippo constitutes an advantage, I’m sure.

To yard work:  I’ve been cutting the lawn with the weed whipper lately.  My mower is awaiting a new bottom seal.  I managed to get the old one out, but the replacement’s in transit.  I have high hopes the mower will run very well once the new seal is in:)

Workouts:  I did manage three this past week, but my weight continues to climb.  I’m at 181lbs tonight.  My jeans still fit, though, so I’m not worried.  I confess I’ve been binging on cheese cake and potato chips lately.  Don’t worry:  I eat plenty of vegetables and fruits as well, not least the dandelion greens that continue to propagate in my yard.

Today I threw the football around the yard with my sons.  My younger one never liked doing it, but he’s grown all of a sudden and now he throws a perfect spiral.  Whether playing football or baseball, or practising handstands, I was out in the yard all afternoon.

For now, life is good.  Hopefully you are all finding the same.  Here’s Hippy.
stuffed hippo, Hippy

Please return soon. Cheers:)

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