Jun20: Day with the kids

In a world of electronics, I continue to be academic and artistic.  I’m promoting the same values in my children, though I have to tread gently….

I’m home every day.  A day with the kids doesn’t mean “I get the kids”; rather, it means that they don’t leave.  Most days they do because of school; however, with the strike continuing here, they had the day off yesterday.  With my wife out working (as she always is nowadays), I had to keep them entertained.  What was I to do?

The kids have a video game system, but I decided they wouldn’t be playing it.  Instead, they would do creative, artistic things.  After breakfast, I mandated that we would each draw a portrait.  Each of my sons was provided a stuffed animal whose portrait he should draw.  I didn’t expect my kids to go for the idea, but with a little urging, they happily set to work. The portraits appear below.

I often wonder about the developmental benefit of drawing.  I know I didn’t do much of it as a kid.  At age 40, I had to struggle to learn how.  My first face took me four months; now, I draw one in about half an hour, often from memory.  The brain certainly does change as a result of drawing, so I think it’s a good activity – especially for kids.

Regarding drawing portraits of stuffed animals, I’ll quote Geroge Michael:  “Not everybody does it, but everybody should.”  While I (mainly) draw human faces, I find my children prefer stuffed animals or cartoon characters as subjects.  Then again, children are known to perceive more than adults can.

It’s now the 21st:  the first day of summer.  At quarter to ten pm, the temp outside is a chilly 12°C.  It feels like a pleasant autumn night.  We’re at dusk now; we won’t reach darkness for another half hour or so.  That’s how it is at 50 degrees latitude on the longest day of the year:)

Thanks for dropping by; I hope you come again soon.  Here are the two portraits of stuffed animals that my kids drew yesterday morning.

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