June18: Breathe out

With my busy season drawing to a close, I’m happy to be getting back to everyday life.

With all that’s happened the last few months, there’s no doubt that some neglect has happened.  I’ve missed a few workouts (but I did one today).  The old lawn mower I took apart in early May is still in pieces; I hope to find that part this weekend.  The gutters I missed cleaning at the end of March, but I started them last Friday.  I haven’t baked a fresh loaf of bread for a month.  When Father’s Day came, I was relieved; I didn’t have to run out last minute and get someone a present.

Hopefully the summer will be a little slower paced.  I love doing yard work, when I have time.  I even like doing house chores when I’m not in a hurry.  After a time of manic productivity, slower times are needed for maintenance to occur.

I’ve been drawing here and there, while talking to my wife about her courses and such.  I rarely draw from pictures any more; usually I do it from memory.  Here’s another dancer from the year end show I saw.

Please drop in again soon. Cheers:)

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