June 3, 2018: a new post – chess kid.

After so long, I’m happy to return.

Recently I volunteered with my son’s school chess club. Winning or losing, some kids can sure look cool.

Here’s one I recall. I’ve no idea how he did in the tournament. Being there, in the moment, is what really counts – and he was.

I’ve been experimenting with this site’s presentation lately – sorry if you’ve shown up between fixes. I do appreciate your visits, and hope to post again soon:)

May 18 Update: night walking

As a kid, I enjoyed walks late at night.  I’m happily contemplating a return to the habit.

Last night I left the house around 11pm for a walk.  It was a beautiful summer night, cool and breezy.  Between light gusts, flowers perfumed the air.  The streets were dead.  Although the sky was overcast, it felt like a clear night.

Revisiting corners I hadn’t happened by in months, I checked the street names sometimes. All around, dark houses stood. The fresh leaves on the front yard trees danced in the breeze.

I couldn’t smell the ocean from my house, but after 20 minutes’ walking I could. It was an oily, heavy smell, laced with salt.

For the first hour, I didn’t encounter a soul. Only nearing home did I see anyone – in total, three people in the last ten minutes of my walk. All were young males. The first was on his phone; the next two were listening to headphones.

This is the last guy I saw. Cheers:)