June 7/14: Update w/Longmire

Longmire, on A&E, centers around a small-town sheriff in Wyoming.  Wondering if it would be a predictable western-style drama, I was drawn to it anyway.  I don’t like to miss it.

Well, I moved forward with the yard chores today, cutting down most of the tall grass on the edges and also the bolted shoots in the lawn.  I also cut the weeds down in two of the “wild” areas of my yard.  Next, I dumped the cut weeds onto a weaker part of the lawn to attract the worms.  I didn’t get to everything, but the yard is a lot further ahead than it was this morning.  My allergic son is playing out there now, his hay fever much improved:)

I’m thinking about watering the lawn a bit this summer.  I didn’t do it much (if any) last summer.  However, I’m contemplating it for a weak part of the lawn in order to accelerate the absorption of the lime.  Once the lime is activated, I believe that area will grow much better.

There are so many dandelions on my property, I eat the greens whenever I’m out there.  I always rip off the flowers when they appear, so that my wife doesn’t notice them as much.  She doesn’t like the fact that I leave the dandelions, preferring I’d pull them out.  However, dandelion greens make up about a third of my vegetable intake from April to October.  They’re convenient to eat while I’m working.  One restriction:  I can’t eat them before social engagements, because they green up the teeth bigtime.

To Longmire: it’s a great show.  Sheriff Longmire (played by Robert Taylor) is the strong, silent type, but superbly believable.  He constantly criticizes his own actions and regrets how he’s “failed” people he cares about.  Yet, he is always having to act quickly as emergencies evolve, leading inevitably to unintentional damage.  Sheriff Longmire always puts others first, and everyone loves him for it.  He’s his own worst critic.

Supported by Henry (Lou Diamond Phillips), Deputy Branch Connally (Bailey Chase), and a few others, Longmire struggles to keep order in the lives of the residents of his county.  Ultimately, the show suggests an optimistic, wholesome point of view about people, even perhaps those who go astray.

Here’s Longmire. Surprisingly, my wife likes this drawing:)

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