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Randy VanWarmer

About when I Googled "I Just Want to be Your Everything" by Andy Gibb back in May: my blog entry didn't tell the whole story. I was focused on the great Andy Gibb and his amazing single. However, something else happened that night. Among the suggestions down the side (of course, I was at You-tube) I saw - and played - "Just When I Needed You Most" by Randy VanWarmer.

I instantly knew the song, but hadn't thought of it for years. As late as 2003, I used to go for drives in my old Chevy Cavalier and listen to local radio. Once in a while, I'd hear "Just When I Needed You Most." Although it is an old song from my childhood, it never gets old.

VanWarmer is a master songwriter. Of course, he wrote a song that went number one for the Oak Ridge Boys ("It Never Hurts to Hurt Sometimes"); the same can be said for Alabama ("I'm in a Hurry and I Don't Know Why"). Performing his very own song, "Just When I Needed You Most", he reached number 4.

VanWarmer was a true artist - creative, pensive, and prone to follow his own direction. Unfortunately, he died of leukemia at the tender age of 48. Even then, however, he continued to be innovative: his cremated remains were sent into space.

Something I find ironic: I always knew "Just When I Needed You Most", but never knew Randy VanWarmer was the artist behind it. Like so many great artists, he obviously didn't care about recognition. He was busy on the next project, following his inspiration.

Randy: I'm recognizing you today. I missed your life and death. I also miss the possibility of hearing another great hit by you.

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