May 14/12

Andy Gibb

"If you give a little more
than you're askin' for
Your love will turn the key"

-I Just Want to Be Your Everything: written by Barry Gibb, performed by Andy, with back-up vocals by Barry

You can tell right away that I Just Want to Be Your Everything is probably not a song from today. It's not self-centered. I remember it playing in the late '70s on the radio. I didn't understand the lyrics then, but kids know quality music intuitively (as I've noticed with my own, who loved Cream's music the first time they heard it).

With the inimitable Gibb vocals, a catchy, yet complex melody, and powerful lyrics, Barry and Andy hit this one out of the park. The song's tenderness is soothing in a way that is rare for dance music. Whether you'd call it a dance song or not, it is inseparable from the disco era. It wasn't Andy's only hit, of course; I think Shadow Dancin' might have been even bigger.

Andy barely made age 30; I remember his picture on the cover of magazines when he died. Charles de Gaulle, Billy Joel, and many others have expressed the notion that the best die young. Andy's early demise seems aptly explained thus. He'd only be 54 if he were alive today.

As I've reflected in other posts, stars are vulnerable in a way that us ordinary sods just aren't. I think that, because of their lack of contact with "everyday" people, they miss out on that "common" knowledge humans can't help but share with those around them. One thing your everday person knows is how to survive.

Have a great day. You and Andy can take it from here.

Wikipedia was a source for this article.

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