Sep 8/12

today's weight: 168

Victor Rjesnjansky - Storage Wars Texas

Okay, I'm back. How're you doing? (I hope fine:))

I'm going to fill you in on some personal stuff today. It relates back (in part) to my goals at the beginning of the summer, which were

  1. learning French
  2. losing weight
  3. beefing up my programming skills
  4. trying to adapt to this "brave new world."

Well, number 2 went well: as you can see, I'm at a stable 168, down from 185 at the beginning of the summer. However, don't be deceived: I'm not in better shape than I was then. I'm just thinner. I haven't done nearly enough exercise over the summer; I've just cut down on eating. My stress level has generally been high this summer, and I don't eat much when I'm under stress. So, for good or for bad, my weight has come down to where I want it.

Learning French: still a bust, I'm sorry to say.

Programming: I've been doing a lot of that, which is one reason I haven't posted more. My programming skills have blossomed over the summer, but there's always so much more to learn.

Adapting to the world of today: I'm struggling with that. One comment I'll make is that nowadays, people who are successful seem to emphasize their careers. I emphasize my family life over my career, which makes it harder to compete when it comes to earnings. However, my kids are 7 and 10 now, and I still think my effort is best spent on them. I can be "professional" later.

Programming or sketching (I still sketch sometimes), I love watching Storage Wars and Storage Wars Texas. Today I'm offering a sketch of Victor from Storage Wars Texas. He's who you might call "the spoiler" whereas on Storage Wars it would be Dave Hester. Victor likes to give the gears to the other buyers, bidding them up when he can.

Like Dave Hester, I find Victor strangely likable. Neither is boring.

Looking good, Victor! Are you buying today, or just bidding?

Victor Rjesnjansky from Storage Wars Texas Back

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