Sep 27/12

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Gray Davis

Hello. I know it's been forever since I posted to this blog, for which I'm truly sorry. I know you're probably tired of my apologizing - I'm sorry for that, too:) To quote Elvis, "you were always on my mind" since Sep 8th.

Well, I joined judo on the 17th, so my weight is pretty much academic now. I've even been gold panning since we last talked. The weather here on Vancouver Island has been amazing since early August. I could see my breath this morning as I put out the recycling; it's fall. We picked our apples on Sunday. It's been so dry, I haven't done much yard work; I don't think the lawn has changed in a month and a half. We get this sometimes out here: a virtual drought in the summer half of the year. Then it rains the other half.

To our subject: Gray Davis. He was governor of California 1999-2003. He lost to Arnold Schwarzeneggar on election night, Nov 17, 2003.

I'd heard a lot of disapproving remarks towards Gray Davis. I was also a big Arnold fan. However, I happened to turn on the television that night and caught Davis's exit speech. I don't know why, but it brings tears to me right now as I recall it. With a soft smile, he began something like this:

Hello, everyone! No, don't be upset. (He paused.) Well, things didn't go how we'd hoped: it wasn't our night tonight. But, we have had many good nights together....

I realized then why Davis had been governor. His composure and gentility in defeat - that impressed me more than a win ever could. I liked Arnold, but Davis inspired me. Of course, Arnold was to get a taste of how tough it is to govern California.

I've done a drawing of Arnold, too. I'll post him sometime. I like both men. Today, though, is your day, Gray.

Wikipedia was a source for this article.

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