Sep 1/12

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Barry Weiss

Well, I heard the news (in French) on Friday: Ontario is in the doldrums, with a bleak outlook - at least, for the short term. Yet, it's the biggest economy - and most populous province - in Canada. What does that say about Canada in general? The economic downturn of 2008 has caught us up, no denying it. I'm under the impression the Yanks got it worse - especially at first. However, their problems are our problems.

I live far from Ontario, in a little backwater on the West Coast. Even here, the economy is slow. You don't know what's coming next. I've had this mindset before, but not for years. It's very character-building.

The wonderful thing about the modern capitalist economy is that someone is always making money. I've been assured, in fact, that the biggest fortunes are always made in bad times. Although that doesn't seem to help your everyman in the here and now, it's comforting to know on some level.

To one of my new favourite shows (I'm a sucker for TV): Storage Wars. They're cleaning up, those guys (and girls) - buying storage lockers whose shed fees have gone unpaid. The gems they find inside - abandoned, for some reason, by the owners - often turn out to be worth twice or even ten times what was paid at auction. Reselling is where the money is made.

There are two shows: Storage Wars (which is out of California) and Storage Wars Texas. Each has a "collector" - one character who doesn't need to make money, but is looking for items for his private collection. In Storage Wars, Barry Weiss is the collector. He's probably the most likable character on the show - more laid-back than the others.

The gang in Storage Wars Texas are grittier and maybe a little livelier as well. I'll get to them in other posts.

I never thought I'd like Storage Wars, but both shows are amazingly entertaining.

Looking good, Barry. Hope you're about to make a major find.

As always, please check my other blog. I realize the link was broken for about an hour, but it's fine now:)

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