Nov 30/12

"The party don't start 'til I walk in...."

So declares Ke$ha in her meteoric hit "Tik Tok" (Animal,2009). I remember hearing the song in the car; it grabbed me at once. Neither I, nor anyone else, had an answer to "Tik Tok"; everyone just relinquished control to the new artist on stage.

"Tik Tok", in my opinion, was the catchiest song of 2009. Like any great song, though, it offers more than just an endorphin release. The song tells a story every young adult can relate to - and every adult with kids call fondly recall: "Trying on all our clothes" while we're "playing all our favourite CDs" and our friends are calling. Ke$ha makes you feel the promise of a fun evening out.

To my mind, "Tik Tok" is still Ke$ha's best song. However, my opinion is not common among those I've talked to. "Take it Off", for instance, seems just as popular.

Ke$ha is an individualist, which is rare nowadays. It seems more and more common that musicians simply work the system to make money. John Mellencamp, I believe, warned of this.

Whether or not "We R Who We R" (Cannibal, 2010) in all cases, Ke$ha is who she is. I applaud her for that. And now, instead of actually going out for the evening, I just listen to "Tik Tok". The song never lets me down:)

Wikipedia was a source for this article - here, here, and here.

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