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Brad Pitt

Of all the stars I know, Brad Pitt is perhaps the best-looking. I first saw him in Legends of the Fall with Anthony Hopkins - though I didn't then know who Brad was.

Of course, Legends of the Fall was a serious drama. However, he does great comedy, too. He was hilarious in a cameo on Friends in 2001.

I don't watch many movies, so the vast majority of Brad's work I've never seen - the amazing hits Troy and Seven being just two examples. However, I did see Fight Club in 1999.

In the theatre, so many people just didn't know how to take Fight Club. Of course, Edward Norton's original problem in the movie - that he is trying to find the dishes that define him as a person - is probably lost on most people. (Reason: they actually see that as a worthy pursuit.) I'd say the movie's theme is that to find your true self, you have to stop trying to fit into society. Of course, that theme loses popularity every day.

Fight Club, although I wouldn't call it a comedy, is very funny. However, the audience in the theatre often didn't know when to laugh. They hadn't expected humour, so had trouble adapting. The absurdity of the film's premise - which really showcases the absurdity of the life we're all supposed to want - didn't quite get through to everybody. Basically, the Fight Club is a self-help group for people who don't have any problems - except that they know their day to day lives are preposterous.

I've already broken rules #1 and #2: that "you don't talk about Fight Club outside of the club". Well, no point turning back now...

Brad Pitt is amazing in Fight Club. He's rebellious and rugged, yet jolly - just like his face suggests with that great smile of his. Norton is great, too, as an embattled character caught on Pitt's tidal wave.

Years ago, while discussing films, I pointed out my enjoyment of Fight Club.
"Why would you like that movie?" the other asked me.
Suddenly, I liked Fight Club twice as much as before. That's just the point of Fight Club: I won't be condescended to because of my tastes.

Fight Club has gained popularity - even with the critics - since its release in 1999.

Looking good, Brad (he plays Tyler Durden in Fight Club).

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