May 29/12

EJ DiMera

Hello! Thank-you for visiting; I hope you are fine. Here, the weather is slightly overcast with a temp of around 10. It should reach 14. We had some rain yesterday, which the lawn desperately needed. These west coast summers aren't necessarily hot, but those northwest winds can really dry everything out fast.

Adaptation has been on my mind lately. Here's the context: often, after a major upheaval, history realizes that it was simply a change for which people were unprepared. They had to adapt - even though at the time, they thought the world was ending. In fact, the world as they knew it may well have been ending. However, once they did adapt, they often turned out better off than before. Such a case might be the boll weevil in the South: it forced farmers to grow other crops. The destruction of the cotton crop was temporarily ruinous. Yet, ten or twenty years later, the towns often turned out more prosperous because they had discovered more profitable crops to grow instead of cotton. (There is actually a monument to the boll weevil in Enterprise, Alabama.) Cotton is a high-maintenance crop.

So the question begs: how many of us are heading towards an upheaval for which we are unprepared? One might feel confident and successful today, but is that false confidence? The question is rhetorical; if we knew, then we would adapt before the crisis came.

To all who are struggling right now: are you facing your boll weevil? Maybe this crisis is a purifying ritual. Remember how low America was in 1979, 1980, the mid 80s, prosperity was back on track - much sooner than many had believed possible.

Today's subject is EJ DiMera (played by James Scott) from Days of Our Lives, who's experiencing a forced reinvention right now. He keeps smiling - in fact, now more than before. I think he's setting a good example.

Wikipedia was a source for this article.

World Book (1973) was also a source: Volume B, page 358, "Boll Weevil Monument".

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