May 25/12

Only Seven Months 'til Christmas!

Agent John Doggett

Well, another beautiful day is shaping up here: 11 degrees right now, forecast to reach 23, sunny all day. That's what I'm talking about!

Just from curiosity, I checked out the weather at Oklahoma City, OK (high of 30 Celsius today) and Paris (26 right now - probably 28 or so a couple of hours ago). When it comes to heat, BC's west coast is a lightweight. It can still be pretty nice here, though.

Friday is usually my chores day. In our marriage, the division of labour is simple: I do the physical stuff, whereas my wife does laundry, banking, etc. For instance, anything that requires leaving the house, she does. The floors, the lawn...I do that. So today I've some vacuuming to do and also I need to mow the lawn. I might spread some compost on it as well, if there's more ready. I've got two compost bins. (The compost's not my wife's favourite idea, but when you own a task, you get more say.)

I've been exploring other people's blogs lately. There sure are a lot of them! Although most are good in their own way, finding ones that interest me is surprisingly difficult. I think part of the reason is the way they are organized: sometimes the keywords available just don't sum up what a blog is about.

Actually, I think I just don't know how to find blogs yet; I haven't done it enough to be savvy. As I try new methods and refine them, I'll let you know.

Here's Agent Doggett (played by Robert Patrick), from X-Files (2000-2002). He took over as Scully's partner after Mulder's departure.

Where Mulder had approached the cases from a paranormal point of view, Doggett did the opposite. He used classic police instincts and methods even when the cases were abnormal. Although "spooky" Mulder (played, of course, by the inimitable David Duchovny) made the X-Files great, I thought Agent Doggett brought a freshness to the show that benefitted it. His masculine, down-to-earth manner, albeit a total change from Mulder, was very engaging.

Certainly they could have done a lot more with his character than they did. I think, after Duchovny's departure, the show lost credibility. Too many people weren't willing to listen - even to something really good.

I don't know what Robert Patrick's up to now, but of course he played the liquid metal Terminator in T-2 with Arnold Schwarzenegger back in 1991.

Looking good, Robert!

Wikipedia was a source for this article.

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