May 22/12

Donna Summer

When you reach a certain age, you can see your own "age" dying out. Michael, Whitney, now Donna...

Donna lost her battle with cancer last Thursday. She was 63.

I'm only familiar with Bad Girls (1979), Hot Stuff (1979), and She Works Hard for the Money (1983). The first two were number one hits, but I think She Works Hard for the Money is even more memorable, although it only reached number three.

Summer was, to be sure, an iconic star of the disco era and beyond. She made hits when she wanted to, but there were long periods she was not in the spotlight. I suspect she was a very private - possibly reclusive, in her own way - individual. Her battle with cancer, it seems, was not well known either.

Summer, I think, was somewhat of a "star's star" - i.e., she may have been even more appreciated by other musicians than by her listeners on the receiving end. She didn't shy from originality or controversy. I think both are inidicative of true creativity, which is fundamentally fearless.

Ever since I posted on Richard Simmons' Facebook page, I get his status updates. He came on shortly after Donna's passing, saying he loved her. To me, that said it all.

Rest in peace, Donna.

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