March 20

First Day of Spring

Hello. I'm glad to be talking to you again. I hope all is well with you.

Well, last Monday (not yesterday, but eight days ago), a powerful windstorm hit our town. The West Coast is known for high trees, dozens of which were blown down onto houses and across roads. Sections of main roads were impassable. On Monday morning the schools were closed and many people and businesses- if not most - were without power. We were lucky: we got our power restored at about 3:20 Monday afternoon. From what I hear, however, many had to wait until the next day. Driving around town last Saturday, you could still see the damage. Lots of roofs lost shingles and had to be tarped to prevent leakage - our roof included. A five by seven patch of it was stripped to bare plywood. Luckily, the wind subsided a few hours later, giving me the chance to go up and nail a tarp over it. We were very lucky.

Another storm hit two days later - last Wednesday. Then last night we had another one. We didn't lose our power, but you could feel the house rattling during some of those gusts - during which, the wind would come right through the window seals.

Well, today it's calm and sunny - about plus two. The weekend suggests two sunny days in a row, with highs over ten degrees. March has been tough, but weather can change like a light switch. Remember: this is Canada's west coast, the land of gentle winter and early spring.

My sketch today is Robert Downey Junior. I don't know much about him, but my wife is a fan. I did see parts of Iron Man; he was great in that movie.

I've enjoyed our time together today, and I'll be in touch again soon.

Wikipedia was a source for this article.

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