March 17/13

Pitbull: I'm in love with you tonight

The first Pitbull song I heard was, of course, "I Know You Want Me/You Know I Want Ya" (Rebelution, 2009). It was pretty good, but at first I didn't give it much notice. However, the rest of the world paid it lots of notice. Every time I turned on the radio, there it was. People would often sing it unconsciously. It's one of those songs with a few simple, very memorable lyrics. However, it also has lots more complex lyrics for those who are interested. Such is the strength of rap music: you get a "hook" that people can remember and sing back, then you also get stanzas of fast poetry for those who listen over again.

The more I heard "I Know You Want Me", the more it grew on me. The fact that "one two three four/uno dois tres quatro" could be two distinct lines in the song - somehow that worked for me. I'm a sucker for different languages (I live in a French household), and I assume Pitbull sings in Portuguese (that song, anyway).

The women in Pitbull's videos - they are hot. However, I believe I hear Pitbull commenting "that, he's hot" in "I Know You Want Me." He no doubt is. He's smart, that's for sure - and unique.

By 2011 we were listening to "Give Me Everything" (Planet Pit). I listened to it a lot: my (then) seven-year-old James sang it all the time. It was a must-play every evening we took the kids to our friends' house. I became very fond of Pitbull during those times because of how much our kids loved his music.

New Year's Eve 2012, I know we listened to a few Pitbull songs on youtube. If every family has its own musical culture, he's definitely part of ours.

I had a tricky time drawing Pitbull. Trying to draw him from a picture, I couldn't get him right. Finally I drew him from memory.

Thanks, Pitbull, for all those times our kids danced to your songs.

Wikipedia was a source for this article.

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