June 9/12


We all know that beauty is very personal. At the same time, some people have a very broad appeal. The question: what makes those people so attractive?

When I was fifteen, that question didn't occur to me. I liked the same girls everyone else did, for instance. However, around age 21, I started preferring heavier women. My wife was heavy when I met her; my mother didn't approve. (By the way: I was rail-thin at the time, just by way of comparison.)

My preference for heavier women - who knows why it happened? As years passed, my general preferences grew more out of sync with society's tastes. The prize women, for instance, were getting thinner, if anything. There were other examples as well. One trend I started noticing was my liking the "wrong" person in TV shows or movies - and disliking the "right" person.

On X-Files, I like Mulder, but also the Smoking Man. Scully never was a draw for me. On Days, the DiMeras (including Kate, but excluding Lexie and Chad) are my favourites - along with Ian McAllister, whom my wife says is also a "bad" guy. I do like Roman Brady as well. He's a good guy, but totally different from the other "goodies".

In Harry Potter, my favourites are, of course, Snape, Bellatrix, and Voldemort. In Star Wars, I'm partial to Count Dooku.

I have wondered about my preferences for the people I'm not supposed to like for a long time. One reason is that I have a seven and a nine year old. Thankfully (I guess), they always like the characters they're suppose to. They like Harry, Ron, and Hermione, and they hate Bellatrix and Voldemort (and Snape, too, I think).

My wife's explanation for my "wrong" tastes is that I prefer flawed, damaged people. (Ironically, she doesn't believe she has any flaws.) She makes a lot of sense: kids who are well taken care of (and I hope mine are) should end up liking the "undamaged" people.

I guess I'm damaged - well, as time goes on , it's bound to happen.

So then, what's my problem with the Bradys (on Days), Harry, Hermione and Ron, Scully (from X-Files), and the rest of the "good" characters? I just find them so boring - Harry being a prime example. Bo and Hope Brady on Days bore me to tears. When I picture Snape in his office, I want to walk right in and join him. I wouldn't care if he was nice or not. There's just a magical unpredictability about damaged characters. (Bellatrix is hot....)

Back to reality, though. Today, I'm presenting eye candy for the young girls. I only know of Liam Hemsworth because a teenage girl told me to look him up. You can see he's got that happy, unspoilt look that bespeaks youth - and attracts it as well. I didn't see The Hunger Games, but I guess he was in it.

Wikipedia was a source for this article: here and here.

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