June 25/12

Only six months until Christmas!

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David Brooks

I didn't know David Brooks is Canadian, but I'm happy to report he is. Brooks is, of course, a columnist for the New York Times. I've never read his column. Where I know him from is PBS Newshour.

Before I had kids I only watched TV occasionally. When they arrived, I started watching a lot more: as babies, they would commonly fall asleep with me on the couch. That's when I discovered the Friday segments on what was then The Newshour with Jim Lehrer.

Mark Shields and David Brooks appear on Friday after the headlines. They discuss the week's events - often with Jim himself. Although it's not posed this way, Mark Shields definitely brings a more leftist point of view - Brooks, more rightist. From what I've seen, the two obviously disagree on most issues they discuss. However, their mutual respect is just as obvious. Their segment might be the best ten or fifteen minutes of television the whole week.

Brooks doesn't seem to choose his positions because they're rightist. However, he does agree with right-wing policies more often than Mark Shields. To me, Brooks is a man who thinks society is mainly correct, but needs a few fairly small changes. Small changes can make a big difference over time, of course: Brooks seems patient.

I'll have to do a post on Mark Shields soon. Together, he and Brooks are absolutely lovable. Every time I get to see them, it's a big treat.

Thanks, David. Mark and Jim: I'll get to you.

Wikipedia was a source for this article: here and here.

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