June 13/12

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Huey Lewis (and the News)

Huey Lewis and the News is the only famous band I've ever seen live. It was at Vancouver two years ago this summer, if I recall correctly - an outdoor concert. The weather was amazing. Huey came out and said, "I hear the weather's always like this up here!" The crowd exploded into applause. Huey and his band kept hitting home runs the rest of the evening.

Of course, Huey Lewis and the News have been on my radar since 1983. That's when they released Sports, which contained the hot singles "I Want a New Drug" and "Heart and Soul" (among others). As so often happens, "I Want a New Drug" was the bigger hit then, but I think "Heart and Soul" is more popular now.

I knew Huey and the boys would be great live, because that's really their way: they made it as a hard-working band that performed night after night in small clubs. They were better live than on their albums - a feat very hard to accomplish. Once again, I expected no less - from them.

In a way similar to Dire Straits, the Guess Who, the Rolling Stones, and the Allmans, Huey Lewis and the News are artists. They love creating music and performing it, and draw influences from music unlike their own. They don't seem to focus on what sells - even though they've sold a lot, over the years.

I've lost track of Huey Lewis and the News since their big hits in the 80s. At the outdoor concert two years ago, they played a lot of those.

Huey and the band: thanks. When I catch your music, it's comforting. For me, this post has been a labour of love.

Wikipedia was a source for this article.

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