July 31/12

today's weight: 170


Years ago I saw the Twilight movies - the ones that were available then, anyway. I think there've been one or two released since. At any rate, my two favourite characters were Alice and Aro.

Alice can read minds. Aro, however, has a more subtle - yet more powerful, talent. When he touches you, he can read all the thoughts you've ever had. However, he does have to touch you - whereas Alice doesn't.

Because of Aro's ability, he is a member of the Volturi - basically, the government of the vampires. Aro's branch investigates wrongdoers. A familiar context in which you see Aro is his taking the "subject" gently by the hand, smiling. The more he thinks the subject is hiding, the wider his smile.

Aro has that alluring combination of charm and sadism you rarely see now, but which was classic of villains a few decades ago. I have fond memories of them on the silver screen, but also have met some in person.

Well, it's the last day of July, so I'll take stock of my summer goals and how they've gone:

  • Learning French: nowhere. I've only myself to blame; I've been off on wild goose chases which I regret.

  • Computer Programming: hasn't gone that bad.

  • Weight loss: that's gone quite well. I'm down to 170 from 185 in a month and a half.

  • Life in general: steeply backwards.

At least I've got August to work on my French. I've given up on the last one.

Wikipedia was a source for this article.

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