July 24/12

today's weight: 171

Gordon Ramsay

I've watched Gordon on Hell's Kitchen and Master Chef. I forget how I first discovered him - probably, my wife stumbled on Hell's Kitchen. I've been watching him for years now, and always look forward to his return while we're between seasons.

Years ago I worked in a fine restaurant where we had a chef. He was a mean man - without Ramsay's charm. Chefs, I'm told, have a tendency towards that fiery temper you see on HK. They're after perfection; they freak out when something jeopardizes it. So the reasoning goes that I've been told.

I think Ramsay shows the vulnerability of those who truly do excel. You can only do so much alone in this world; sooner or later, you'll need someone else's input to "take it to the next level", as everyone phrases it. A chef, my wife says, means a "chief" in French - a boss. You can create great food, but that alone doesn't make you a "chef". If you can't cause a team of people working under you to execute great food, you're not a chef. You're just another artist who, regardless of how good your wares might be, can only charge so much for that "perfect" dish.

Keep it up, Gordon! It makes for great TV - although I don't think I'd want to be on HK.

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