Jan 31/12

How can the main characters also be the most boring characters in the movie? Well, if you're Bella (and Edward), you can!

During Spring Break of last year, my wife got out some Twilight movies she'd borrowed. She explained they were really popular, and maybe we could watch them. My wife knows that I have little patience for movies. However, I decided to bite. I forget what one she put in, but of course it was the first one, where Bella and Edward meet.

First, you meet Bella - which takes awhile. Bella makes a move I wasn't expecting with that introduction. She leaves so many questions open - like why she left her mother to go live with her father. More specifically: why she left some sunny, southern place (I think maybe Florida, but I don't remember) to live in a dreary small town in the North West (just south of here).

I guess I was confused about that, so I kept watching. Of course, that question wasn't answered, but then she meets Edward. So many questions - but then we discover he's a vampire. Of course, that makes her like him even more.

When Edward takes Bella home to meet his family, the movie just catches fire. The blonde, hot tempered girl grabs your attention, but the real show stopper is Alice (what a cutie she is!) Of course, Jasper is also fascinating.

I don't remember the whole movie, but I did watch it - and the next one as well. In the end I settled on two favourites: Alice and Aro. There's never a dull moment when Aro's around. He's always charming and polite - especially when you're about to be "interviewed."

Now, I want make a point about having the central characters as the least interesting ones in the movie. That premise is a mode used occasionally - and to good effect. It worked in Twilight.

There is something hauntingly appealing about the Twilight movies. I think it's the concept of everlasting youth. Amidst that dreary, other-worldly setting, you come to believe in new possibilities.

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