Jan 26/13

Youth takes over

The message is clear: youth is in. When I was a kid, young was the last thing people wanted you to be. Everyone was impatient for you to earn lots of money - and everyone knew that older people made more than young people.

Nowadays, earning power is much more tied to being attractive and personable. Older people don't have the same advantage they used to; charm is as much a talent as anything, and of course young people look more attractive (most times). Only to be eighteen again...

The more I look around, the more I realize it's not too late. I've never had an industrial job, so I still look young (academics tend to, of course). Slimness and youth are pretty much seen to be the same thing nowadays, and I am slim. (Again: being a skinny boy was a curse when I was a kid. Back then, girls wanted big muscles.)

Well, the department stores and clothing stores are flooded with products and fashions to help me look young. Why fight it anymore? To quote Huey Lewis, "I can tell what's going on". The secret to success now is being appealing.

Here's JD Pardo - a pick of a teenage girl I know. I might not be at his level yet, but give me a few months:)

Looking good, JD.

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