Jan 11/13


I first encountered Beyonce's music in connection with Destiny's Child back in 2001 or so. "Jumpin', Jumpin'" was a pretty good song, I thought. My first son was born in 2002, and I lost track of popular music.

Years later, I heard the suspenseful strains of "Naughty Girl". I didn't know the song, but resolved to find out whose it was. I asked my wife. "That's Beyonce," she responded. Then she sang a couple of bars: "I'll be your naughty girl...."

I wasn't too surprised the song was Beyonce's; I knew she was talented from before. However, I was intrigued by the difference between "Single Ladies" and "Naughty Girl" - specifically, how "Naughty Girl" was so much better. I'll admit that "Single Ladies" was very popular; even my older son liked it. However, you just can't deny the superior quality of "Naughty Girl".

According to Wikipedia (see here and here), "Single Ladies" beat "Naughty Girl" on the charts as well - in the US, anyway. Of course, "Naughty Girl" came out in '03; "Single Ladies", in '08.

Which song do you hear more often now?

Here's Beyonce.

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