Feb 8/12

Bill Kurtis

Bill Kurtis caught my attention on two great shows: Cold Case Files and American Justice, both on A&E. This was back in the years 2002-2005 or so. Before that, I barely ever watched television (except for X-Files). However, my first son was born in the summer of 2002. Suddenly I spent long hours with a baby who either needed a bottle or just needed to be watched. Not mobile anymore, I turned on the TV. There was Bill, on Cold Case Files.

I loved Cold Case Files the first time I saw it. I loved how it focused on the setting. Very often, it began on a lonely road in some southern state like Missouri or Arkansas. Being a big fan of the rural South, I was captured by the descriptions and footage of those places.

Cold cases are a source of fascination, I think, for two reasons. Reason 1: it is irresistible to try to understand how and why the crime was done. Reason 2: for the case to have gone cold, the criminal has essentially gotten away with it. Therefore, you're likely dealing with an intelligent, interesting quarry.

American Justice, of course, focused on sensational court trials. That show was interesting because it looked inside the accused's mind. The eccentricities of the accused - often having nothing at all to do with the crime on trial - were often fascinating.

Bill Kurtis's voice and presence made both those shows great. He entertained me many hours while I lay on the couch under a peacefully sleeping baby. Thanks, Bill.

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