Feb 6/12

Lee Majors

Most North American kids of the 70s and 80s grew up watching Lee Majors. In the 70s, he was the Bionic Man. In the 80s, he was the Fall Guy.

Majors' career, from my point of view, followed very closely the culture of North America. In the 70s, we were concerned about the Cold War. As I've said before, my father was a military man. Bionic Man was about a surgically altered operative who had enhanced speed, strength, and vision. New military technology was a constant theme of 70s thinking.

By the early 80s, North Americans were more worried about the economy than about the Russians. Many had lost their houses - or were afraid they would. Interest rates were high. To make ends meet, many people took a second job - just like Colt Seavers in Fall Guy. Mainly a stuntman, he did bounty hunting on the side.

Another theme of Fall Guy was the the fact that the "pretty people" lived rich and comfortable while the working guys like Colt took the hits. This idea proliferated throughout the 80s as the middle class watched the upper class get further and further ahead. It continues to this day.

Here's Colt, ready to cheer us up if we need it. Looking good!

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Lee Majors aka Colt Seavers Back