Feb 2/12


To be mercurial, what does it take? According to Webster, it's got three components: eloquence, ingenuity, and thievishness. To be mercurial, you can be any one of those. But what about if you manage all three?

Enter Freddie Mercury - who just might well have. Eloquence? Obviously. Ingenuity? Obvious, once again. What about thievishness?

One time I asked my wife why more people don't remake Queen songs.

"Too hard," she answered, without even thinking or looking up. "Practically no one else can sing them but Freddie himself."

Thievishness proven. He robbed his followers of the chance to emulate him, by being just too hard an act to follow.

Here's the man himself, about to jump out of the screen. I hope, for you, he does.

Freddie Mercury Back