feb 28/13

Jon Hunstman

Calm, raining, 4 degrees Celsius right now...the wind's supposed to pick up. We got battered by another storm two days ago. Yesterday was clear, still, and cold.

Today I want to talk about Jon Hunstman, who ran for the Republican nomination that Mitt Romney eventually won. Huntsman began his campaign in June, 2011. He wrapped it up on January 16, 2012, pledging his support to Mitt.

I liked Huntsman, although I didn't expect him to win. Then again, I didn't expect Mitt to win either - not at first, anyway. The Republicans had a generous talent pool leading into the 2012 election season.

I don't know if losing the Republican race hurt Huntsman. I don't believe winning it helped Romney, though.

Huntsman observed that the Republican Party needs to broaden its vision. Never a truer word spoken, in my opinion. The Dems seem to end up with more of the really good presidents. For example: the Republicans have Reagan, whereas the Dems have Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter.

Huntsman addressed what he called the "trust deficit" as a major problem - if not the major problem in American politics. Of course, he's right: if people don't believe they can trust politicians, then why vote?

I found Huntsman to an honest man. Maybe he'll run again; he was born in 1960.

For now, the Yanks are piecing together the wreckage of the 2008 meltdown, which I don't believe was George W. Bush's fault. It might well have been the Republicans' fault, though: it certainly smacks of an attitude common among them. What's worse, it's an attitude worn with pride.

When the Republicans realize that they need to care about, and even help, the American people - rather than just cut taxes - they will have a chance to lead again. I think Jon does care.

Wikipedia was a source for this article.

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