Feb 24/02

Brady Black

We've had tough weather this February. Remember, I'm reporting from Canada's west coast, where winter can end any time after January 1. Today is 5 degrees Celsius - balmy compared to usual weather in the rest of Canada at the end of February. Mild as it sounds, it's cold, windy, and grey: downright depressing. Some years, spring is well under way by this date.

Speaking of depression, it's something with which I coexist. I do have manic times as well: I love those times. Some years are balanced. Some years, manic even dominates (good years, those ones:). Some years, though, depression dominates - the year to date, for example. I will admit that those years tend to precede manic ones; I have high hopes that trend will continue.

To today's sketch: Brady Black from Days.

I couldn't find a picture of Brady that I thought looked like him. I found pictures of the actor (Eric Martsolf) that don't look like Brady Black (to me); however, I couldn't find a face-on picture of him I liked. Therefore, this sketch is done from memory: it's what I think Brady looks like.

As I've often mentioned before: When you're the artist, you get the privilege of changing the subject's appearance. I don't think the goal is to purposely try to make the person look different from how they really do; rather, it's to highlight features that the artist finds more important.

Thanks for dropping in on this wild, windy, wet night. Hope you like Brady.

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