Feb 1/12


Do you know why the human brain is so big? Why we, as humans, need such a powerful brain?

Well, the answer is depressing - to me anyway. It's not so we can do math or create art or all those things we pride ourselves on being uniquely able to do. Remember, a hand held calculator's brain is vastly more capable of doing math than almost any human's.

Sadly, the reason we need such big brains is because humans are dishonest. Simply, we need incredible thinking power to help us know when people are lying to us and what they're really thinking. Of course, I guess you could argue the human brain can be used for subterfugal purposes as well - but I hope my readers aren't like that. I like honest, straightforward people. I grew up in the Maritimes - what can I say?

From a more sanguine point of view, we sometimes use our brains to try to figure out other people's motives, even when we're not personally involved. "What's that person thinking?" you often hear (and probably say as well). My wife "wonders" about me a lot in that way. My belief in ghosts, UFOs, Sasquatch...she doesn't understand how I can believe in those things. She knows she can trust me implicitly - hell, I never even leave this house! (I have my own business, that's why :). Even so, my thought patterns remain largely mysterious to her.

Well, you can't outdo a politician in this "outthinking" business; they're the pros. To be successful, they need to know what people are going to ask them - and the answers those people want to hear. To me, an "honest" person doesn't think what people want to hear; they just say the truthful answer.

In the Republican race, which of course just had a big contest last night, look at numbers three and four: Rick Santorum and Ron Paul. I know more about Ron Paul than Rick. From what I've seen, Ron Paul always tells the truth - simply and directly. He doesn't do so with poise or consideration; he just blurts out what he thinks. Since the news he gives is usually bad - and probably because even worse, it's true - he came last in Florida.

I've seen Rick Santorum give some very direct answers as well. He seems pretty plain about his positions. I guess the fact that he's third shows he must be doing something right (or wrong, depending on your point of view).

When I've seen Rick, he's been entertaining. He's not on TV nearly as much as Newt or Mitt. I think Rick's delayed victory in Iowa hurt him at a fledgling point of his campaign. Well, good luck Rick.


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