Feb 12/13

Kristen DiMera

Back to Days: I've been following it for about a year. It's had its ups and downs, but since the return of Kristen DiMera, it's been hot.

Of course, Kristen DiMera is played by Eileen Davidson. She played Ashley on Y&R for years before returning to Days last fall. On Y&R, Ashley was a boring, "good" character: goody-two-shoes, even. However, Kristen DiMera on Days is scheming and exciting - after all, she is a DiMera.

I guess Kristen DiMera was on Days years ago. I followed the show for two earlier periods because people I lived with watched it (first my mother, later, my wife), but missed Kristen. However, her previous involvement with John Black is so oft referred to that I think I have a pretty good understanding of it. Soaps can do that.

Looking good, Kristen. You're a DiMera through and through - you even worry Stefano. I love you for it.

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