Dec 1/12

Alice from Twilight

Greetings. We should catch up on some personal stuff. I'll go first.

Weather: We had a cold snap for about five days that ended on Wednesday. I didn't realize how much the cold was bringing me down until a low pressure system blew in that afternoon. By chance, I went outside for a minute to dump an old pot of coffee. Feeling the warm southeast wind as the rain poured down - I can't tell you how invigorating it was. I'm from Nova Scotia, but after twenty six years living here on the west coast, I've acclimatized. (Yes, it's been twenty six years.) To me, winter has come to mean strong winds from the southeast, pounding rain falling for days at a time, mist, and temperatures between 2C and 9C. Looking outside on December 1, I see green lawns faintly reflecting the sun, which has just poked through the clouds as it sets. The wind is pulsing from the south, of course. The forecast shows no expectation of frost for a week.

On the weight front: that's settled to 169 lbs.

French: Well, that's finally going better, I'm happy to say. I even read to my kids in French today. Reading French has always been easy for me anyway; it's understanding what's said that's harder. Even that's been been getting better, though, thanks to RDI.

Yard work: Well, I did lime the lawn this fall. Then, in early November, I raked up the oak leaves and composted them. Next, I deadheaded most of the hydrangeas. However, we had some late bloomers that were still pretty in mid November (I guess it's been a mild year). They've faded now: I'll hopefully take care of them tonight over a glass of sherry.

Drawing: I'm happy to say it's finally happening again. Due to a switcharound, I've had to get used to a different computer for posting to this site. I have high hopes of posting more regularly.

Feel free to get back to me with your own blogs. I'd love to hear what's happening on your end.

Now, to Alice from Twilight. What a cutie she is! Alice and Aro are my favourite characters from the Twilight saga. With her pixie-ish presence and her purity of spirit, Alice is irresistibly lovable. Her innocence may be deceptive; in fact, she can see into the future. (My wife corrected me on that score today; I thought Alice could read minds. However, I guess that's Edward who can do that.)

My wife continued that Aro likes to "collect" vampires with rare powers, so is drawn to Alice. Although I've not yet seen the latest Twilight movie (Breaking Dawn, I think it's called?), I've surmised that Aro and Alice comprise a subplot. How it works, I'm not sure.

Well, here's Alice, who's been a labour of love.

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