Mr Kaplan from Blacklist

Mr Kaplan has been Red’s third hand.

When Reddington gets in trouble, he calls Mr Kaplan. She (yes, she) has care of Reddington’s assets and can help Reddington as he needs.

Regularly, Kaplan is Reddington’s cleaner. However, her reach can extend much further. Recently, she has deceived Red – all for the best, she claims. Red does not agree.

Here’s Mr Kaplan.

Aram Mojtabai fr. Blacklist

Aram is probably the most sensitive member of the FBI team on Blacklist.

Aram is a computer hacker who works with the FBI team on Blacklist. In the early episodes, a viewer might overlook him for all the action. Aram usually supports the team from the office, giving them critical minute-to-minute intel.

As the show continues, Aram takes on greater prominence. While being a techie, he is the most sensitive member of the team, so often the most troubled by the team’s situation or sacrifices that are made. Other members of the team keep him in the dark when they go “off-book”, but then ask him for help.

Here’s Aram.

Aram Mojtabai from Blacklist