Clyde Weston fr. Days of Our Lives

It’s my delight to bring you another post.

Well, my younger son starts grade six tomorrow. For him, it’s a new, much bigger school. He’s excited. So is my older son, but he’s not new to the school, so he doesn’t start until Wednesday.

I spent the day straightening the yard and washing some outside parts of the house. It was another cool, cloudy day – we’ll take it after the hot, dry weeks earlier this summer. I didn’t do everything I’d hoped, but the day was productive.

Clyde Weston showed up on Days sometime in 2014, I’d guess. He’s a Southern gangster, very dangerous, but charming in his way. He’s with Kate. The other characters, for the most part, don’t like him. However, he brings a gritty freshness to the show.

It’s great to be posting again. Hopefully you’ll hear from me soon.

Here’s Clyde.

Clyde Weston from Days of Our Lives


Sept 3: Gage from Flipping Out

I realize the duration since last post; this moment, I’m back.

Since May 2nd, we have some catching up to do.

July was hot and dry, along with the first couple weeks of August. The weather was a bit unnerving; this isn’t meant to be LA.

I’m currently about 187 lbs, possibly the biggest I’ve ever been. I need to lose ten pounds. Ironically, workout opportunities decrease for me over the summer, since the kids are always home. Having them around is great, but they’re not runners.

I began identifying trees and plants from field guides early in the summer. To find out details, you can visit my other blog. My botanical discoveries are ongoing.

Today’s drawing is Gage from Flipping Out, a show I watch with my wife. I believe that, lately, we’ve been watching episodes from 2015, which might be its best season yet.

Jeff’s current man is Gage, of course, who seems to lack Jeff’s charm but does care about him. Minute to minute, Gage is not always in the conversation, but he does change the environment. I hope he grows more content in coming episodes.

Here’s Gage. Thanks for visiting; I hope to post again soon.

Gage from Flipping Out