Aug 30/12

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Team Player

I have mentioned before that I love "Celebrity Apprentice" with Donald Trump. I love Donald, I love the interplay among the diverse talent...I love the drama. However, one concept that is constantly revisited on it is difficult for me: that of a team player:

-"You're just not a team player," you often hear.

-"He just wasn't working with the team."

-"She wouldn't communicate with the team."

All my life, I was told to handle problems on my own. "If it's to be, it's up to me," pretty much summed up my training as kid. In university, our assignments were supposed to be solo efforts. Many people infringed that policy, but I did not - often to my own detriment. Out of university, the only way forward I could see was to start my own business. More than one successful older person I knew had made it that way. No one was able to make a compelling argument the other way. I've had a few jobs in my life, of course, but not for many years now.

Being a team player, therefore, has been discouraged throughout my life. However, the world has changed toward it. Often you casually hear people say "no one accomplishes anything alone." (The exact opposite of what I was told as a kid.)

It's like I'm on high ground and the tide is coming in around me. I'm marooned in my "solo effort" ways, which have isolated me from the rest of the world. The problem is that nowadays, acting alone has become a stigma. People interpret it to mean that you can't work with others.

Back to "Celebrity Apprentice" - specifically, to the beautiful girl to the right, Aubrey O'Day. I watched her rise and eventual fall last season. She was controversial. She is creative and - although she did work as a team player - sometimes seemed to prefer working independently. Ultimately, her perceived independence may have been her downfall.

I didn't like Aubrey at first, but found myself liking her more and more over time. That's the way I am - the people I end up liking the most, I don't usually like at first. So much for first impressions.

Looking good, Aubrey! You were tough - winning and losing. I usually end up respecting people more when they lose.

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