August 26/12

Lucas Roberts

Lucas is a key character on Days of Our Lives. I remember him from the '90s. Although I didn't know it, I guess he was off the show from around Feb 2010. When he returned this past February - just after my wife and I had picked up the show again - I was excited. The Lucas - Sami dynamic continues, unchanged since over ten years back.

If you don't watch Days, here's something to understand: Sami's love life is rarely tranquil. Her men get tossed around in the tempest of her life. She frequently will make a choice that sabotages the very relationship she treasures. She's often much more appealing after a breakup than she was during the relationship.

Lucas, supposedly, is back with her again. ( They do have a child together - Will - who is a man now.) However, Lucas is put on hold for the moment while Sami tries to help another of her exes: EJ Dimera. Lucas perceives that Sami has chosen EJ over him.

Many times I have watched Lucas call Sami out on her deception and mixed messages. It was happening back in the late '90s/early '00s era, and it's been happening again since February. I can't wait until Sami returns to Lucas, to receive another heated lecture. They're comforting to hear.

The older I get, the more I love people who don't ever change:)

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