April 3/12

Yet Another Storm

Yes: another storm swooped down on us Sunday night through Monday. It dumped over our new barbecue which was sitting on our deck, anchored by bricks around all four wheels.

I was going to bring our deck furniture out soon and prepare the space for morning coffee, meals, and lounging - but you know, I'm not going to now.

I'm rethinking how we live out here. Since the west coast doesn't have a cold, snowy winter like the rest of Canada, we are oriented towards the outdoors. It's common, for instance, to barbecue pretty much year round. Although we do get a lot of rain, a nice day can come almost any time - then you can sit on your deck in the sun, even if you need a light jacket.

With the windstorms we've gotten this year, I don't think I can keep my barbecue on the deck anymore.

Did I mention that in Nova Scotia - on the other coast - you can get a beautiful house on an incredible acreage for half the price of a house with a small yard out here? I've mentioned it to my wife - so far, she's not interested.

To drawing: here's beautiful Rihanna. I drew her a few months back. Since '08 (when we got satellite radio), I've been aware of her.

Rihanna's distinctive voice caught my attention with the song "Disturbia". She's had other songs I think are pretty good - "Rockstar 101", for instance.

I find it very hard to discern Rihanna's personality or "world view" from her songs. Contrast her, for instance, with Madonna or Cyndi Lauper. A modern example would be Lady Gaga. All three of those ladies lead with their personalities. When you listen to a Cyndi Lauper song, for instance, she gives a point of view that reveals part of who she is. That connection doesn't seem reasonable to expect from many of the big stars today.

Looking good, Rihanna.

Wikipedia as well as metrolyrics.com were sources for this article.

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