April 18/12

Gloria Estefan

Release me from your spell
I don't want this, love ain't fair

-Miami Sound Machine,
"Falling in Love(Uh-oh)"

Written by Lawrence Dermer, Joe Galdo and Rafael Vigil, the song charted #25. Although other songs by MSM went much higher, "Falling in Love" remains their best effort, in my opinion. Of course, Gloria Estefan is the lead singer of MSM (Miami Sound Machine).

"Falling in Love" caught me the first time I heard it. It conjures that sweet - but helpless - feeling of falling in love. Of course, Gloria and the band do a fantastic job performing it: they put a light, sweet touch on every note. If you watch the video, you'll see their professionalism.

My wife accuses me of being vulnerable to "crushes". (She's never divorced me; she believes I'm so inept with women I could never accomplish an affair). I admit I used to be prone to infatuation, but not now. I just don't believe in that magic any more.

Spring can be a dangerous time for people who still are vulnerable to "falling in love". If it could likely happen to you - or already is - just listen to Gloria: "...love ain't fair...."

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