Apr 12/13

Daniel Craig

Today is cloudy and cool: rain is coming with a high of 7C. Yet, it's been sunny off and on all week: I've even been out washing the siding. Here, algae (or moss, I'm not sure which) can grow on vinyl siding during the cool, rainy winter. I wasn't familiar with the problem when I lived in the Maritimes: I suspect with the cold winters there - which keep the water frozen - it's too dry for moss to grow on the siding.

When I wash the siding, it signifies the coming of summer. Out here, of course, our summers aren't very hot - compared, for instance, to the mainland Maritimes or PEI. Here, a summer temperature of 21 is common. So when the temp gets up into the high teens, it feels like summer. As I've observed previously, our weather is mild on Canada's West Coast: summer can start in April.

Yesterday I was suntanning. The sun's power was intoxicating. Of course, I never wear sun block (none of us does in this family), so I had to come in before I wanted to. For me, tanning is a great mood enhancer.

Of course, some people tan for beauty. Like the clothes, the makeup, and the accessories, the tan becomes part of the look. I realize more and more that, for many people, self-improvement is centered around improving one's appearance. Being thinner, being tanner, being enhanced....all are goals toward the ultimate objective of looking attractive. In such a mindset, looking is much more important than knowing - except for knowing how to look good.

I grew up with the ethic that self improvement involves education or acquiring new skills. For me, putting emphasis on appearance is new - but I can't deny that in this society, it's very important.

I don't know if I'll catch up to Daniel Craig, the man at the right. Of course, he's James Bond currently. He's a Brit, and would you believe he's two years older than I am? I'm a big fan:)

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